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Helping Mississippi Fathers Assert Their Rights

The relationship between father and child is important. Under the tender years doctrine, Mississippi, law once favored mothers over fathers when it came to children in family disputes. Luckily, the courts have updated their views. As a father, it is your fundamental right to parent your child. If you believe your rights are at stake, a knowledgeable family lawyer can assist you. At Hollis Legal Solutions, PLLC, we help fathers fight for their rights and ability to provide care for their children.

Advocating For Fathers And Their Children

Fathers play an important role in the lives of children. If the parents are unmarried, fathers will need to establish paternity in order to enforce parental rights. Unmarried fathers can establish paternity of their children in two ways.

These two processes are:

  1. Voluntary establishment of paternity. Through this process, you have the option to sign an acknowledgment of paternity form. When both parents have signed, your name will be added to the birth certificate and you will have legal rights regarding your child.
  2. Involuntary establishment of paternity. If the mother of the child is disputing the fact that you are the father, you can petition the court to determine paternity. Knowledgeable legal counsel can assist you through this process.

Establishing paternity is essential for fathers wishing to enforce their parental rights and provide support for their children.

Protecting Your Rights And Relationship With Your Children

When determining custody, visitation and support, a judge considers the needs and what is in the best interests of the child. Each parent is given equal consideration based on a number of factors when establishing custody, visitation and support. Fathers can potentially be named the primary custodial parent in custody arrangements.

If you wish to establish paternity, want to enforce your rights as a father or are facing child custody and support hearings, contact us today. Attorney Scott Hollis understands what is at stake and wants to help you enforce your rights as a father. Call our Olive Branch office at 662-892-3717. Initial consultations are always free. We serve fathers in Olive Branch, Southaven and Hernando, Mississippi.

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