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High Net Worth Divorces in Mississippi

A number of very significant challenges arise any time a marriage ends. These often relate to children and involve custody, support, residency, schooling, religious upbringing, and other aspects of a minor’s life. In other cases, a couple may have never had children together or those children are adults. In either case, property division is important and even more so when parties own significant assets such as:

  • Substantial retirement account value from a lifetime of hard work
  • Stock options or profit-sharing plans
  • A successful business or valuable interests in business entities
  • Real estate holdings or rental income
  • A sizable investment portfolio
  • Past inheritance or family wealth
  • Lottery or gambling winnings
  • Monies or an annuity from a legal settlement
  • Vintage cars, boats, hunting trophies, antiques, coins, or other collections

Planning is Key in Divorces with Significant Assets

Regardless of how assets were accumulated, high net worth divorces require careful planning, asset valuation, and strategies to ensure that the final settlement is acceptable not only now, but for years into the future. We believe that the first step in this process is to determine what is most important to our client. For example, we’ve represented clients where keeping a dream home, an affluent lifestyle, or sizable investments designed to care for an ailing parent were key goals. In other cases, it may be critical to make a clean and permanent separation with a spouse as it relates to a family business. (i.e. you may not want an ex-spouse involved in the decision-making or operation of your business.) These are a few examples, but there are many, and each requires a very solid understanding of the state’s property division laws, including the:

  • Impact of pre-marital assets verses what was acquired during the marriage
  • Spouse’s work history and/or future earning potential
  • Regarding alimony, the reason for divorce might have a substantial impact (e.g. adultery)
  • Type of assets at issue, such as investment accounts verses real estate
  • Existence of a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement

In addition to bringing a solid understanding of our state’s property division laws, our firm will also set forth a proven strategy for achieving the best result. In some cases, this may involve delaying the process to better organize assets. In other instances, being the first to file and doing so quickly may provide an advantage in the legal process. In either case, our clients are able to move forward with confidence that their goals are understood, legal aspects are considered, and the level of personal service is second to none.

Protect Your Wealth with Experienced High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

The attorneys at Hollis Legal have been representing clients in high-stakes litigation for more than 20 years. Scott is recognized by the nation’s most respected attorney rating services because he understands the process of producing positive outcomes in the most challenging situations. For help with your high net worth divorce, contact our office today at 662-892-3717. All information is kept strictly confidential, even if you don’t hire our law firm.

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