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Tips When Considering A Divorce

We know how you feel. Your marriage was not supposed to come to this, but here you are. It is a full-blown, life-altering crisis. You are far beyond your emotional limit and you are wondering if you should end it. The stress, the daily dread and the sense of hopelessness have become overwhelming. It is all-consuming. It feels like failure, but it does not have to be. We can help you start a new chapter.

If you are ready to discuss your potential divorce, Hollis Legal Solutions, PLLC at 662-892-3717 to schedule a free, confidential, initial consultation with attorney Scott Hollis. If you are still on the fence, however, here are a few things to consider:

  1. What are your goals? Goals differ for every client. If you are trying to salvage your marriage, obviously filing for divorce is not the right strategy. On the other hand, some people want to end their marriage ASAP with as little conflict as possible. Still others want to scorch the earth and drive a stake through their spouse’s heart. Ask yourself if you are result-oriented or cost-oriented. Whatever your goals are, you should be able to clearly articulate those goals to your lawyer.

  2. Get a handle on your family’s finances. Dividing marital assets and debts is a hugely important part of a divorce. Try to obtain a complete understanding of your family’s assets and debts. That includes checking accounts, savings accounts, investments, salaries, bonuses, stock options, retirement plans, the marital home, real estate, cars, boats, family business, etc. Take photos or make copies of important financial documents.

  3. Get a handle on your future personal finances. You might be asking yourself, “How am I going to afford to live if I am single?” You must have a plan. Make a detailed potential monthly budget based on your experience and circumstances. Once we represent you, we can help factor in potential amounts of potential child support and alimony which might be achievable.

  4. Who gets the kids? This is usually the paramount concern in a divorce involving parents. In Mississippi, child custody is comprised of two parts: (1) legal custody and (2) physical custody. Legal custody concerns large decisions regarding a child’s health, education and welfare. Physical custody is where the child primarily resides. To be sure, your children are not pawns to be exploited in the divorce litigation. Think about what is genuinely best for them, not what you or your spouse might want. Do yourself a favor and be honest in that assessment.

  5. Can you agree on anything? Your answer will have a cascading effect on the entirety of your divorce. The more you can agree upon with your spouse, the less complex the proceeding will be and that usually translates into less costs. For instance, a couple agreeing on child custody, but contesting the amount of child support, is a less complex case and likely less expensive than a hotly contested case involving protracted fights over child custody and child support. The same goes with who gets the house, cars, furniture, etc., as well as who pays for certain debts. If you cannot reach an agreement on those things, we will be glad to work on your behalf and, if necessary, go forward with a trial.

Initial consultations with attorney Scott Hollis are always free and confidential. When you are ready to discuss your potential divorce, email us or call 662-892-3717.

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