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Potential Practical Impacts of Coronavirus on Your Case

From a practical perspective, there are many unknowns regarding the impact of the Coronavirus. These include:

  • The length of time courts and governmental agencies will be closed and the potential backlog once they reopen.
  • The availability of key members of the legal system, including judges, opposing attorneys, mediators, court reporters, guardian ad litems, CPA’s, and other professionals.
  • The impact of any travel restrictions that may be imposed in the future or other unavailability of offices, mediation centers, and other locations.

While the above items are largely out of everyone’s control, we will be closely monitoring each of them, notifying you of important changes, and taking immediate action to strengthen your position if at all possible. (Because the above issues impact all parties, we don’t expect them to create significant advantages for any side in most cases. However, should a delay in your case potentially create benefit to you or your opposing party, we should discuss that issue as soon as possible.)

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